Harnessing technology to build and nurture relationships has become indispensable to any organization—including nonprofits.

Salesforce, the world’s leading customer relationship management (CRM) provider, offers a Swiss Army-like solution for the nonprofit sector—Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud—empowering nonprofits to build, manage, and grow lasting relationships with their constituents.

Understanding Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud

Nonprofit Cloud is more than just a CRM—it’s a full-fledged suite of tools and applications that offer unmatched flexibility, scalability, and security.

What’s more, the CRM frees your nonprofit to focus on your mission instead of the intricacies of IT management.

And it fits seamlessly with Salesforce’s vast ecosystem of applications and third-party solutions—giving everything you need to operate at peak performance.

Plus, the flexibility to tailor your solution as your nonprofit changes and grows.

Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud and Constituent Relationship Management

Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud also functions as a constituent relationship management tool. It enables your nonprofit to track and manage all constituent interactions in one place—instead of multiple spreadsheets on different people’s desktops.

Nonprofit Cloud replaces these aging methods with a more streamlined approach. So your nonprofit can focus on what matters most: building relationships and driving positive impact.

Gain a 360-degree View of Your Constituents

Nonprofit Cloud also gives your organization a holistic view of constituent data and touchpoints, so you can better understand the people you are trying to reach.

Instead of using multiple tools or switching between complicated systems, the CRM enables you to manage all constituents, like volunteers, donors, beneficiaries, and advocates, in a single location.

Tailored Communications

And it captures and records every interaction, including donation history, event attendance, communication preferences, and engagement. Allowing you to personalize communications and inspire action.

What is the benefit of having all this data in one place?

Having complete visibility into your activity and community and using those insights to drive higher engagement and effective fundraising strategies.

Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud Features That Aid in Relationship Building

Salesforce comes equipped with features to help nonprofits build rock-solid relationships.

Here are a few of them:

Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP)

The NPSP is a customizable, out-of-the-box solution that provides nonprofits with the basics of nonprofit management, including donor management, volunteer coordination, and grant tracking.

NPSP Features

Let’s go deeper into the features that help nonprofits organize data and streamline operations:

      1. Fundraising: NPSP accelerates fundraising efforts by centralizing donor information, facilitating personalized interactions, and providing valuable insights into donor behavior. Use it to manage recurring donations, forecast revenue, and visualize fundraising performance through reports and dashboards.

      1. Program Management: NPSP’s Program Management Module (PMM) offers a standardized framework to track and manage multiple programs and services, regardless of complexity. With PMM, you can track program outcomes, monitor individual service deliveries, and assign program participants to different cohorts based on specific attributes.

    1. Marketing and Engagement: NPSP integrates seamlessly with Marketing Cloud for Nonprofits, enabling personalized and segmented communications. Use your organization’s data within NPSP to send targeted emails, build personalized content, and engage with stakeholders at scale.

Constituent Data Management

Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud offers advanced data management features that enable nonprofits to create a 360-degree view of their constituents.

Predictive Analytics

Salesforce Einstein, an AI-powered tool, helps nonprofits predict future trends and behavior, tailor their outreach strategies, and make data-backed decisions.

Personalized Communications

Nonprofit Cloud lets organizations create and send personalized messages to their constituents based on their preferences and interaction history.

Collaboration Tools

Features like Chatter, a secure social network for business, simplifies communication within nonprofit teams and with their constituents.

Salesforce can also bring your data, tools, and processes into Slack, a powerful collaboration tool that reduces friction and toggling between third-party systems.

Save time and precious mindshare by slashing the negative effects of context switching, and watch your teams’ productivity soar.

Benefits of Using Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud for Relationship Building

The CRM not only helps your nonprofit maximize your capacity, income, and impact but build lasting constituent relationships.

Here’s how:

A Unified View of Supporters

Using Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud is like having a birds-eye view of a forest, being able to see every tree, every leaf, and every twig.

The CRM enables nonprofits to capture all supporter information and interactions in one place, allowing them to build meaningful relationships with a unified view of their supporters.

Insights to Grow Income

The CRM makes information readily accessible, easily understood—above all—reliable.

Nonprofit Cloud uses data and insights to help nonprofits make confident decision based on easy-to-understand reports. Its seamless and intuitive interface is inviting and encourages users to dive in and discover more.

Diversifying Fundraising and Revenue

Imagine Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud as a toolbox full of tools for different jobs.

One that enables organizations to diversify and grow their fundraising and revenue—and build and measure cash flow streams on one flexible platform.

Modernizing Major Giving

Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud streamlines major giving.

It quickly identifies, cultivates, solicits, and stewards major donors, standardizing and automating your moves management process. So your team has more time with donors, making them feel like valued members contributing to your mission.

Simplifying the Grants Process

Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud simplifies grant seeking, from prospecting and proposal submission to deliverable management and reporting. With the necessary ingredients (information and data) and steps (processes and protocols) at your fingertips, the journey to a successful grant application is simple.

Flexible Pricing

Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud offers pricing that cater to your needs and capacities.

So whether you require the comprehensive Enterprise Edition at $60 per user/month or the Unlimited Edition at $100 per user/month with increased storage and 24/7 support, Salesforce has something for every nonprofit size and budget.

Case Study: Nonprofits Successfully Using Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud

Let’s explore a real-world case study to highlight the transformative impact of Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud.

American Red Cross Enhances Outreach and Disaster Response with Salesforce

Faced with the challenge of effectively managing relationships with volunteers, financial donors, and blood donors, the American Red Cross turned to Salesforce.

The organization consolidated information from 150 national partners and over 500 local field units in the Salesforce Sales Cloud. This integration made it simpler to build and nurture relationships, acknowledge efforts, and spread the word during emergencies.

Salesforce has proven to be a crucial component of the Red Cross’s community outreach.

It empowers the organization to measure the effectiveness of its outreach, gather and analyze critical data, and convert these insights into actionable strategies.

buildOn’s Transformation with Salesforce

buildOn, an organization that seeks to break the cycle of poverty, illiteracy, and low expectations in under-resourced schools in the US and developing countries, partnered with Salesforce to better manage its programs, volunteers, and fundraising efforts. The organization

Using Salesforce’s Nonprofit Cloud, buildOn managed its complex, chapter-based organizational structure across the US and around the world. They also implemented the Nonprofit Success Pack and integrated Salesforce applications such as Classy and Form Assembly.

The introduction of Salesforce led to a 75% increase in total giving, a 22% increase in individual donors, and a 25% increase in total gifts. Since 2014, they have raised $13.2 million and managed 55,000 unique donors.

How to Implement Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud in Your Organization

Implementing Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud in your organization can feel like piecing together a jigsaw puzzle. It may seem challenging initially, but once you understand where each piece fits, the picture becomes crystal clear.

Define your requirements

This is the stage where you lay out the border pieces of the puzzle. First, think about what your organization needs from a CRM system. Consider your mission, your goals, and your existing systems and processes.

Design and configuration

Now, it’s time to put in the central pieces of the puzzle. Work with a Salesforce implementation partner (like SaltClick) to design your Nonprofit Cloud to your needs. This is like setting up the framework of a house, carefully laying the foundation, raising the walls, and placing the roof.

Data migration

Next, you have to fill in the gaps in your puzzle with your existing data. Moving data from your old system to Salesforce is similar to transferring your belongings to a new house. It’s crucial to make sure everything is packed up neatly and correctly so nothing is lost or damaged in the move.

Testing and validation

Just as a home inspector would scrutinize a property before purchase, testing your new system ensures it works as expected and meets your organizational needs.


Teach your users how to use new tools. When people are uncomfortable with technology, they will find workarounds and not get the full value of a tool. Salesforce consultants can help your team master Salesforce Nonprofit and help you see the most value from your investment.


Like the grand opening of a new business, it’s time to go live. But remember, even after the grand opening, you need to be ready for adjustments and improvements based on feedback and experience.

That’s where our Managed Services step in.

We believe in empowering you – helping your team navigate and use Salesforce with ease rather than perpetually leaning on outside assistance.

We’re always on standby when you need a helping hand, but we also prioritize building your team’s confidence and proficiency with the daily tools at their disposal.

Tips for Maximizing the Impact of Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud on Constituent Relationships

Using Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud to build stronger constituent relationships requires careful nurturing, regular attention, and the right tools.

      1. Segmentation: Segment constituents based on their needs and characteristics.

      1. Personalization: Tailor your communication and interactions to meet each constituent’s needs.

      1. Automated workflows: Automate your processes where possible to save time and focus on higher-impact activities.

    1. Analysis and reports: Regularly review your efforts to understand what’s working and what isn’t.

Build Stronger Constituent Relationships with the Help of SaltClick

Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud is more than a tool—it’s reimagining your approach to relationship building.

Much like smartphones have transformed how we communicate and access information, Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud can transform how you interact with your constituents.

Ready to elevate your constituent relationships? Team up with SaltClick today.