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Confusion for Customers, Ineffective Design and Unwieldy Stats


Created a sleeker and more consistent UI/UX feel by changing the design interface and developed an online one-stop-shop for products. Utilizing Salesforce as a single platform allowing users to access their blockchain software products and download related files. Developed a business process that was able to collect transactional data, complete billing, and manage support requests.


Client was in the process of re-organizing their programs; they needed to get internal processes up and running in time for the launch of a volunteer program with Experience Cloud portals. Because they used both Sales Cloud and Experience Cloud, their largest problem was the need to migrate processes from their old Salesforce Org into a new one. One of Client’s objectives was to create a one-stop-shop for potential volunteers and program participants, making sure that they wouldn’t have to deal with multiple screens, log-ins, or digital platforms. They were concerned that such a time-intensive process would be a negative experience for volunteers and dissuade potential participants from signing up. Ultimately, their goal was to create an updated, streamlined system that could be used to register and track volunteers, as well as to charge and collect dues and fees. Client also needed updates to their implementation of DocuSign, an electronic signature application. Because DocuSign wasn’t fully functional with their old Salesforce Org, it was more difficult to ensure that potential volunteers could have a seamless experience registering and signing a variety of forms from a single digital platform.


SaltClick began by asking Client stakeholders to define and describe major milestones that they needed completed in order to launch their volunteer program by deadline. CN analyzed the case objects that Client was using, and efficiently asked questions that facilitated the translation of business needs. Next steps included grooming their backlog of cases and accomplishing a range of internal organization tasks. In particular, SaltClick needed to understand the major categories of data collection that Client used, ensure that the data migration process ran smoothly, and determine new ways to organize payment flows in Sales Cloud. This included updating and integrating the digital platform that Client used for its online volunteer portal: because volunteers created profiles that they used for Client programs, it was crucial for internal Client stakeholders to connect their forms and payment data with their other information. In addition, Client was able to integrate DocuSign, which allowed them to send out agreements to registered volunteers, have the documents signed, and organize a flow back into Salesforce. They could see the completed circle of forms from their end, a significant improvement on organization that cut down on costs and time. Finally, SaltClick delivered a comprehensive, online program that could be used for Client’s key objectives: tracking volunteers and payments. Ultimately, SaltClick accomplished the project within budget and met the deadline—taking just 30 days to complete.


Client was able to have a successful launch of their Experience Cloud volunteer and participant portal—including charging and collecting fees. With minimal bugs, Client employees could clearly observe, catalog, and track a variety of data surrounding the program. Client stakeholders reported being particularly pleased with the speed of completion for the project. With multiple levels of digital organization in place, a volunteer could register for a Client program, pay their dues, sign their waivers, and complete their profile on a single portal; all of their data and documents would then flow cleanly into Salesforce. The result: a snapshot of each volunteer’s engagement with the program.

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