Traversing the Salesforce Wilderness Alone?

Imagine yourself as an intrepid explorer going on a daring adventure into an untamed wilderness.

This vast, complex landscape you are venturing into is the Salesforce ecosystem—packed with innovation potential but also brimming with hidden challenges and unforeseen risks.

The option to venture forth solo and learn the terrain as you go—a true DIY (Do It Yourself) approach, can seem thrilling, even heroic.

But is it wise?

In real life, even the most seasoned explorers often rely on local guides when they enter unfamiliar territory.

Similarly, the Salesforce wilderness can be just as unpredictable for the unprepared adventurer.

The question remains: Are you a Lewis and Clark of Salesforce administration—ready to blaze your trail? Or are you venturing into quicksand without realizing it?

The Allure and Pitfalls of The Salesforce DIY Approach

The thrill of discovery, a sense of personal achievement, curiosity, cost-saving, or simply the mandate from the higher-ups—the motivations for a DIY Salesforce journey vary widely.

A DIY Salesforce expedition can initially appear alluring but often proves more complex than anticipated.

Consider, for instance—the journey embarked upon by the explorers at—we’ll call them “Brand Brave.”

Initially, their expedition was full of promise—they would save on hiring costs and gain the satisfaction of conquering Salesforce themselves.

Unfortunately, their adventure soon turned into a nightmare.

Their desired Salesforce customizations proved far more challenging than expected, and the time drain and mounting costs began to overshadow any perceived benefits.

Embracing The Trailblazers: Expert Guides To Illuminate Your Path

Enter Salesforce consultants, your seasoned guides with compasses, maps, and extensive experience, to lead you through this uncharted territory.

Hiring the right guides doesn’t mean outsourcing the journey.

It means partnering with experts to ensure you’re setting a course to get you to your desired destination quickly, safely, and efficiently.

And at SaltClick, it means having an embedded partner who teaches you as you move forward.
In other words, we don’t keep you in the dark to run up your hours. We teach you how to do business-critical work and use our expertise to drive your most ambitious goals.

Let’s take another example, we’ll call this one “Brand Courage.”

Initially, they were determined to scale the Salesforce mountain by themselves— but soon found themselves trapped.

Realizing their predicament, they reached out to us.

Our expert team swiftly navigated the problem, helped them out of the tricky situation, and got them back on track, proving that the quickest way to the summit is often with a pro guide.

Charting Your Course: DIY or Guided Expedition?

Ultimately, the decision to journey solo or enlist the help of professional guides depends on your circumstances, your resources, and your ability to face the challenges.

Much like choosing between climbing Everest without a Sherpa or hiring a seasoned mountaineering team, you should thoroughly evaluate the decision before taking action.

Take a moment to consider your resources and abilities:

  • Are you prepared? Have you met with stakeholders and users to discuss how Salesforce will help you reach your business objectives?
  • Do you have a roadmap with clear steps? Have you assigned timelines and task owners?
  • What is your plan if you run into an issue? (Hey, it happens).
  • What are your team’s skills? Do you see any potential gaps?

Having trouble answering these questions? You may want to consult an experience guide.

After all, every great explorer knew when to blaze their trail and when to follow the wisdom of others.

You stand at the start of your Salesforce journey.

Will you step into the unknown alone, or will you heed the lessons of the many explorers before you and hire your guide?

It’s your expedition. Make it count.

Have questions? Get in touch.